Amended SEPTEMBER 30, 1991


  1. GATES: Gates will be closed and locked after entering and after leaving. If gate is found open, close and lock it. Member’s assigned key is not to be given to anyone or to be duplicated.
  2. ADMITTANCE TO CLUB GROUND: All non-members must be a guest of an accompanied by a Club member. All non-members are to be signed in and signed out with the caretaker by a Club member. The member must be responsible for his or her guest.
  3. SPEED LIMIT: Drivers must not exceed a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour.
  4. PARKING: Parking will not be permitted on Clubhouse lawn. The lawns to be designated to park are the areas on either side of the road from the gate to the rear of the Clubhouse.
  5. BUGGIES: Buggies and buggy trailers will park in approved area only (area south of Clubhouse). Buggies and buggy trailers shall not be stored in campsite areas. No buggies other than members’ or active applicants’ shall be parked on Club grounds. All buggies, trailers, and personal property kept on grounds must have owner’s name permanently visible.
  6. FIREARMS/RANGE AREAS: No loaded weapons will be allowed on the Club grounds except at approved range areas. Members must abide by all rules posted in each range area.
  7. MOLESTATION OF WILDLIFE: All wildlife on the club grounds is protected. No shooting, no throwing of rocks, no chasing of wildlife will be allowed.
  8. CAMPING: Camping will be allowed in approved areas only. No campfires except in approved areas. No camping permitted on Clubhouse lawn.
  9. SANITATION: All garbage shall be put in garbage bags and, when full, hauled away or placed in dumpsters next to buggy work shed. It is the responsibility of members to take home trash which will not fit in dumpsters.
  10. USE OF OTHER MEMBERS’ EQUIPMENT: No member will be allowed to use another member’s equipment without presenting written permission from the owner to the caretaker. Permit shall be countersigned by the borrower and returned by the caretaker to the lender. If the permit is not in order, the lender may enter a grievance with the Grievance Committee.
  11. USE OF THE CLUBHOUSE: No sleeping in any part of the Clubhouse. Clubhouse shall be used for no other purpose than social functions. The kitchen shall be used for organized functions only. Gate Key fits locks on Clubhouse meeting room. Members are to switch off lights, fan and/or AC, to clean up, and to secure locks when leaving.
  12. USE OF THE PIT AREA: The pit area shall not be used for anything other than authorized club functions.
  13. DOGS: Dogs will not be allowed to chase wildlife on Club grounds. Dogs will be kept on leashes at all times. Dogs will not be allowed to run loose.
  14. GENERAL MAINTENANCE: Area around all personal property. This includes weed-eating and/or mowing as necessary. See Below.
  15. CONDUCT: All members are responsible for their conduct and that of their family and guests.
  16. GENERAL: Failure to maintain your area will result in a fee for clean up, payable upon receipt of notice.