About Us

The club was formed in 1950 by Seven men, interested in conserving the wildlife population in the Big Cypress and Everglades. At the time the State of Florida had only recently established the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission.

The club is located at Monroe Station, 40 miles due west of Miami, immediately south of the western intersection of the Tamiami Trail and Loop Road (state road 94). The club property consists of 40 acres, the clubhouse and service buildings plus a camp ground. A paid caretaker maintains the grounds at all times. There are only about 150 members, the club membership is kept small, because the club wants to insure that it is composed only of those people that have worked for the clubs objectives.

The most important thing about the Club membership is that virtually everyone truly loves the Everglades and the Big Cypress and is personally prepared to work hard to protect it. Members work closely with the Game Department officers in reporting game violations, assessing game populations and water levels. The club has supported projects to propagate game through releases into under-populated areas. It has dug water holes in dry weather and fed animals in wet and flooding weather. We have supported Youth Camps and both Boy Scout and Girl Scout clubs. A number of club members have assisted law enforcement, fire and emergency forces in performing rescue work when airplanes have crashed or have been forced to land in the deep swamp and to fight fires.
The club holds an annual “Wild Hog Barbecue”, its sole fund raiser to cover its expenses and conservation efforts.

This information is excerpted from the book “Forty Years In The Everglades“, By Calvin